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Nanovesicular photodynamic clinical treatment of resistant plantar warts


Maha Fadel, Kawser Kassab, Nevien Samy, Doaa Abdelfadeel, Ghada Yassin and Maha Nasr Sayed*  


Background: Photodynamic therapy which involves the use of photosensitizer molecule activated by a light source was proven very promising for treatment of dermatological diseases, especially the resistant ones such as recalcitrant plantar warts (PW).

Objective: However, its efficacy is hindered by the poor permeation of the photosensitizer molecule required to initiate skin photo-induced effects.

Methods: In this manuscript, the efficiency of nano-vesicular system (transfersomes) as potential topical drug delivery system for the photosensitizer methylene blue (MB) was investigated following clinical photodynamic therapy (PDT) in patients suffering from PW.

Results: Results revealed that MB transfersomal gel displayed higher complete healing percentage for the lesions compared to the free MB gel (86.67% versus 53.57%) achieved at lower number of treatment sessions (2.2 versus 4.14). Patients reported no signs of pain or inflammation, with no recurrence of the lesions during the follow up period of 8 months.

Conclusion: PDT using transfersomal MB as an effective and safe therapeutic modality for the treatment of PW.


Topical delivery, Methylene blue, clinical, plantar warts, transfersomes, photodynamic therapy


Department of Medical Laser Applications, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Unit, National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Cairo University , Department of Medical Laser Applications, Cairo University, Dermatology Department, Cairo University, Department of Medical Laser Applications, Cairo University , Department of Medical Laser Applications, Cairo University, Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University

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