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Novel Pulmonary Delivery of Antiviral Drugs for Treating COVID-19 in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease


Nazrul Islam* and Shafiqur Rahman*  


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant burden on public health worldwide. Currently, there are limited medications for the treatment of COVID-19 in patients with Parkinson’s disorder (PD). Several antiviral drugs and other pharmacotherapies have shown promise and are used by various delivery methods. Among the antiviral drugs, amantadine alone was reported to provide therapeutic benefit against COVID-19 in patients with PD. Here we propose novel strategies for pulmonary drug delivery technology of antiviral drug amantadine. As such pulmonary delivery of this drug or combination with the additional antiviral drugs could be a more effective strategy for the treatment of COVID-19-related complications in patients with PD. Furthermore, the important benefits and limitations of this novel delivery technology will be discussed.


Pulmonary drug delivery, COVID-19, Parkinson’s disease, antiviral drug, lung infections, inhaled formulations.


Queensland University of Technology, Pharmacy Discipline, Faculty of Health, Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD 57007

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