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Periodontal Muco-Adhesive Formulations for the Treatment of Infectious Periodontal Diseases

[ Vol. 4 , Issue. 4 ]


Snigdha Pattnaik, Lalatendu Panigrahi and Rayasa S.R. Murthy   Pages 306 - 323 ( 18 )


Extensive efforts have recently been focused on targeting a drug or delivery system in a particular region of the body for extended period of time, not only for local targeting of drugs but also for the better control of systemic drug delivery. The concept of periodontal drug delivery systems has fascinated many investigators to the possible use of various polymers, which can overcome various physiological barriers in long-term drug delivery, there by rendering the treatment more effective and safe for local disorders and systemic problems. Presence of a smooth and relatively immobile surface for placement of a bio-adhesive dosage form has made periodontal route more suitable for sustained delivery of therapeutic agents using bio-adhesive systems. Antibiotics, antiseptics and other poorly absorbable drugs can be successfully delivered via periodontium for the treatment of infectious periodontal diseases. The dosage forms include microparticles, microspheres, adhesive gels, adhesive films, adhesive creams and ointments. Bio-adhesive periodontal drug delivery system can also exert positive influence on drug effectiveness by keeping the drug in the region proximal to its absorption window and allow the targeting and localization of the drug at the specific site.


Bio-adhesion, bio-adhesive polymers, periodontal route


Drug Delivery Research Laboratory, Center of Relevance and Excellence in N.D.D.S, Pharmacy Department, G.H. Patel Building, Donor's Plaza, Fatehgunj, M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara-390002, Gujarat, India.

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