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Stability Studies on Piroxicam Encapsulated Niosomes

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 2 ]


Zehra Ceren Ertekin, Zerrin Sezgin Bayindir and Nilufer Yuksel   Pages 192 - 199 ( 8 )


Drug delivery systems which yield ideal treatments are currently the center of interest for researchers. Niosomes have numerous advantages over other drug delivery systems. However, stability issue is not clear yet and is a serious drawback for niosomes. In this study, the stability of niosomes was the center of interest. Piroxicam which was chosen as the model drug was loaded to niosomes. Niosomes were prepared by thin-film method and different forms (aqueous dispersion, lyophilized powder and lyophilized powder with cryoprotectant) of the original niosome formulation were prepared. The samples were stored either at 5°C±3°C or 25°C±2°C/60% RH±5% RH for 3 months. The drug leakage percent, particle size and distribution, zeta potential, drug release profiles were determined and niosomes were visualized under optic microscope. Niosome formulation provided sustained release of piroxicam. The drug leakage from stored niosomes was observed at the level of 1.56-6.63 %. Individual vesicle images were obtained for all samples by optical microscope. However, particle size of niosomes was increased upon storage. The zeta potential values were neither related to time nor physical form. Drug release profiles and amounts were quite similar for all forms of niosomes and the original formulation but a slight decrease was noticed on drug release amounts by time. This indicates that niosomes become more rigid by time. Although the ideal storage was obtained with lyophilized niosomes at 5±3°C in this study, the usage of suitable cryoprotectant and optimized lyophilization process should be further evaluated.


Drug release, lyophilization, niosomes, piroxicam, span 40, stability.


Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara University, 06100 Tandogan, Ankara, Turkey.

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