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Complextation of Oppositely Charged Polymer: Novel Approaches for Drug Delivery


Ritesh Kumar Tiwari*, Lalit Singh and Vaibhav Rastogi   Pages 1 - 9 ( 9 )


The polyelectrolyte complexes (PECs) are adaptable definitions shaped by electrostatic interaction between biopolymers with inverse charges. Polyelectrolyte edifices comprise an exceptional class of polymeric mixtures comprising of polyions with inverse charges, which can be charged either cationically or anionically. Significant advancement has been made in the course of recent years towards new medication conveyance frameworks. The subject of broad essential and applied exploration has been on the marvel of interpolymer collaborations and polyelectrolyte complex development. Basically and applied polyelectrolytes raise on the grounds that the advantages of supportability are perceived in the scholarly world and in modern examination settings. Polyelectrolytes are a form of polymer that has endless ionizable practical arrangements. Ionized polyelectrolytes in arrangement can form a complex with oppositely charged particle called a polyelectrolyte complex. The review article emphasizes on PECs and their classification, characterization, as well as a critical analysis of the current research and applicability in drug delivery technology.


Polyelectrolyte complex, polymer, drug delivery, polyions, polycation, Application.


Shri Ram Murti Smarak college of Engg. & Technology, Pharmacy, Bareilly, U.P, Shri Ram Murti Smarak college of Engg. & Technology, Pharmacy, Bareilly, U.P, Pharmacy Academy, IFTM university, Moradabad, 244102,U.P

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